Yoga –  A Complete Health Package for Mind and Body.

Yoga is made from Sanskrit word “Yuze”, which means Group. Ancient Indian ayurvedic practitioners worked on the Ayurveda principles which focuses on Health while other medical techniques focuses on curing the disease or rather momentary relief to the patient. While ayurveda tries that no disease occur and complete cure of the disease. Yoga is also originated on this same holly land. Maharshi patanjali’s contribution is immense in taking yoga to every home and in modern time baba ramdev can be called its baton holder.

Yoga is incredible, spiritual and beneficial for world which benefits and keeps healthy both our body and mind.

What is Yoga?

yogaBy Yoga word, most people recall waist of a zero figure lady or belly of a fat person trying to catch his breath. But in reality yoga is method to purify both body and soul. This technique is pioneered by our sages to keep society healthy. It wont be wrong to say that yoga and disease, both can not live at same place. Where there is yoga , you will find a sign board of No Entry for Diseases but a life without yoga welcomes diseases.

Mankind has won over many dreams of development till date. We have made possible those things which looked impossible once. Scientific invention and developments has changed the way of life.  Science is providing different types of comfort and pleasures to human on everyday still pollution of air, water and polluted thinking are also gifts of science.

There is depression and sorrow on the faces of youth.  they are dependent on medicines for sleep and strength. Why these medicines have become part of our life? Why today’s youth is turning toward drugs and ruining their life. Hearts have turned into stone and human values are vanishing. Our life which runs like watch has turned into mere competition which is making both our body and mind unhealthy.

The question is how to stop this mental stress, this regression. Should we reject scientific gifts and again start living in caves to find that peace of mind. Doing this is neither feasible nor practical. Yoga has the cure for mankind’s physical and mental tortures.

Yoga makes our organs able and puts good effect into internal physiological working of body. Yoga brings positive thinking into human life. Yoga makes our internal functioning better again.

Yoga brings our soul into harmony with ultimate soul.

If yoga is followed consciously into life then it will lead to good character and good habits into human along with mental, physical and spiritual developments and we will attain a complete physical and mental wellbeing.

!! Om Namah Shivay !!